InnoWave 2012

Innovations in Wave Modelling
3-7 Sept 2012 - Nottingham

General Information

Linear wave dynamics arise in a whole range of problems such as the of vibrational response of mechanical and biological structures, acoustics, radio waves, optics and quantum mechanics. The tasks at hand may vary considerably between disciplines - they all have one big challenge in common: numerically modelling the wave response for complex structures or enclosures is difficult, especially if typical wave lengths are orders of magnitude smaller than the size of the system.

The techniques employed are conceptually very similar giving rise to potential gains in efficiency through interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge.

This conference aims at bringing together experts from different fields and from academia and industry to compare modern solution strategies and to discuss interesting wave phenomena. The emphasis is firmly placed on the applicability and scalability of the techniques in real world and industrial settings. The conference aims to attract contributions from participants with a background in

  • structural vibrations and machine dynamics
  • high frequency acoustics
  • electromagnetic wave engineering
  • numerical analysis for wave equations
  • small wave length asymptotics
  • wave chaos and random matrix theory
  • mesoscopic physics, nano-science


EU through an IAPP FP7 grant on Midfrequency Energy Analysis (MIDEA)


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