This project is funded
by the European Union
(Marie Curie Actions - IAPP)


Debris’ sedimentation
Advanced multi-physics simulation technology of transport and sedimentation of debris predicted with XDEM.
Moving bed of wood particles on a vibrating grate
A test case to show moving of several particles on a vibrating grate, done at the University of Luxembourg.
Rigid tire grounds
Advanced multi-physics simulation technology of a tire moving over a granular surface predicted with XDEM.
Convoyer transport
Advanced multi-physics simulation technology of pellets transported with a conveyor belt predicted with XDEM.
Discharge segregation
Size segregation during discharge from hopper.
Heat transfer predicted
Packed bed reactors dominate a broad range of engineering applications. In a packed bed reactor, heat is transferred from the solid particles to the gas flow stream through the void space between particles. Using a XDEM approach, continuous and discrete phases have been coupled in order to predict convective heat transfer between solid and fluid within packed beds. For the solid matrix a discrete intra-particle model, namely DPM, was used to solve for each particle of the bed, and a CFD tool was employed to resolve the fluid flow.