Solving a Multibody System of a Truck using Mathcad 2001i
We consider a problem, which can also be found in [1] or [2] . Our goal is to simulate the motion of the bodies of a plain truck. The truck consists of 7 bodies:
Body 1: rear tire
Body 2: front tire
Body 3: truck chassis
Body 4: engine
Body 5: driver cabin
Body 6: driver seat
Body 7: loading area and load
with given masses
We are interested in the motions of the bodies,
caused by a sample road excitation u(t).
: vertical motion of rear tire
: vertical motion of front tire
: vertical motion of truck chassis
: rotation about y-axis of truck chassis
: vertical motion of engine
: rotation about y-axis of engine
: vertical motion of driver cabin
: rotation about y-axis of driver cabin
: vertical motion of driver seat
: vertical motion of loading area
: rotation about y-axis of loading area
For the equations of motion and the modelling in general see Modelling of the Truck.
[1]: K. Schittkowski, Numerical Data Fitting in Dynamical Systems, A Practical Introduction with Applications and Software, to appear in Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston/Dordrecht/London
[2]: B. Simeon, F. Grupp, C. Führer, P. Rentrop, A Nonlinear Truck Model and its Treatment as a Multibody System, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 50, 523-532.