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Research / Development

New problems require new solutions

inuTech is your competent partner for research & development of numerical methods to solve mathematical and engineering problems. Our cooperation with universities and the resulting technology transfer often leads to completely new breakthrough results.

More competence through specialization! For that reason we concentrate our R&D-activities in the following areas:

Structural Optimization

  • Topology optimization
  • Free material optimization
  • Shape optimization
  • Sizing & parameter optimization
  • Large-Scale optimization
  • Multi-disciplinary optimization
  • Design of experiments
  • Biological growth

Mathematical Optimization Algorithms

  • Sequential quadratic programming (SQP)
  • Sequential convex programming (SCP)
  • Linear optimization
  • OC-methods
  • Discrete optimization
  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Mixed integer optimization
  • Response Surface methods
  • Optimal control

Differential Equations

  • Mathematical and numerical modeling of complex single or coupled physical phenomena
  • FEM, FDM, and FVM
  • PDEs, ODEs, DAEs, and PDAEs
  • We develop and market the Diffpack Product Line (Diffpack web page)

Further Topics

  • Simulation and identification of dynamical systems
  • Domain Decomposition methods
  • Analytical/Semi-analytical sensitivity analysis
  • Methods for the solution of linear systems of equations
  • Inverse problems
  • Data analysis (regression, interpolation, PCA, etc.)
And any other topic, which requires a profound knowledge of mathematical foundations.
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